Using Automation to Impress Customers

How to impress customers by generating automated branded content for digital screens during events.

Mark McDermott
Dec 17, 2019

A few weeks back I mentioned our Know your Customer app. As you can read in the post, it’s an app that is helping us every day to better tap into who our customers are — not just who we think they are.

It’s something we might roll out in the ScreenCloud App Store in the future, but right now it’s just for our own use.

Saying that, like every product update we make, we’re already considering the bigger picture and potential.

Know Your Customer is useful because it does something we previously couldn’t do (see all of our customers, all of the time) and because it’s automated.

The wider potential of automation is huge.

Just recently, I was out visiting a very large hotel chain in Germany. They were telling me that one of the big ways they generate revenue is by hosting conferences and events mid-week for corporate brands.

During these events, everything needs to be personalised to that brand. Yet this is increasingly difficult. Roller banners take too long to get printed and changes to delegate names and speakers can happen up until the moment the show goes live.

This is where the power of screens come into play. It’s easy to make updates at any time.

But that’s not all.

Tools you already use, powering automated communications

Any event will have systems, whether internal or external, to manage it. This could be an event ticketing or registration system, a company CRM, calendar or any other tool. When you already have these systems in place, why wouldn’t you utilise them as part of your event?

We can use automation and data enrichment (just as Know Your Customer and a ton of our other apps do) to pull what that brand needs to make the hotel experience personalised.

Say Audi are about to host an internal conference. You can use Google’s image recognition API to take their logo and pull out the core brand colours. You could also scan the CSS of their website to pick up the font and roll both out across every digital screen.

To do this would take seconds.

The event schedule from a calendar app could be pulled through to show who is speaking, where and when. If the data changes at the last minute — no problem. A simple calendar update would automatically change what’s shown on each screen.

This has a ton of applications. Take meeting rooms in a creative agency. If you have a big client coming in, your meeting room can automatically pull in the client’s brand, logo and Twitter feed from the information already stored in your Google calendar. As they arrive, they feel like you were expecting them, yet you didn’t do a thing.

Endless potential

In the very near-future we’ll be rolling this out across all of our apps in the ScreenCloud App Store, integrating them with other apps and data enrichment programs to give our customers the chance to turn these features on or off as needed.

The more personalised people feel an experience is, the more they value it.

In the past we’ve made other apps customisable. For example, our customers can personalise our Twitter app with their brand colours and fonts so it looks like they built it themselves.

We don’t want people to say “Hey ScreenCloud built a nice Twitter app”. We want people to think our customers are masters at digital signage, design and communication. Making them look good and often, their customers too, is our one true aim.

If we can achieve that, added to automation which makes people more knowledgeable and communication easier, then we’ll be happy.

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Mark McDermott

Co-founder of Digital Products Studio, Codegent & CEO of ScreenCloud. I write about the goings on of life & work.