Podcast EP 53 - Are Employees The New Customers?

In this episode (recorded remotely), Mark and David talk candidly about the concept of whether employees are the new customers. David and Mark question why we aren't more focused on our biggest asset- our team.

Angelica Sykes
Mar 5, 2021

Staff are arguably the most expensive "line item" on most companies' budget sheet—Thats one, very dispassionate way of looking at it.
Yet, the lion's share of effort, resource and creativity is spent on our customers, and far less is given towards creating a truly effective employee experience. Something that has become astutely evident during this year is how vital employees are.

That's what today's podcast episode is all about, as David and Mark question why we aren't more focused on our biggest asset. From why "HR" is often tactical, reactive and responsive and not considered at a Leadership level, to why top-down announcements in real-time aren't the only way to share information.  HR therefore, should hold the same significance as sales of customer success.
Suggesting that companies who apply the same approach that revolutionised customer success in recent years, to changing employee engagement, could be the ones who win.




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Angelica Sykes

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