Podcast EP 50 - Speculating on the New Normal

In this episode (recorded remotely), Mark and David unwrap adaptation to uncertain times and the mental and physical changes the lockdown period has had on them personally. But beyond the current circumstances, how to we look towards a return to normal? Let's dive in.

Angelica Sykes
Mar 5, 2021

As we enter week six of lockdown in the UK, we're starting to question what the future may hold. With tough times just behind us and no doubt more difficult ahead, we are lead to wonder how one can adapt to the times, even if isn't forever.

Like how long can you respectably justify the circumstances as a "blip" and if this isn't a blip, then what does life and life at work, begin to return to a new normal? With so much uncertainty, how to we find clarity?

In this episode, David and Mark discuss some of the mental and physical changes the lockdown period has had on them personally and what they might do differently should there be advance warning of a second period. What a return to normal might look like for office workers and how the rapid adoption of remote working and video conferencing might change the future of work.




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Angelica Sykes

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