Podcast EP 48 - Leading a Business in Turbulent Times

In today’s episode (recorded remotely), Mark and David talk real talk about staying on track during unique circumstances, (how many different ways can we find to say "unprecedented"?) How something as simple as a solid plan can help bring calm and keep you on track with long term goals.

Angelica Sykes
Mar 5, 2021

As the world sits 10-feet deep in the coronavirus pandemic, how do you navigate these uncertain waters as an entrepreneur? In today’s episode, David and Mark share their past experiences of running businesses during turbulent times, how their priority at ScreenCloud has shifted, and what’s helping them stay sane and clear-headed. 

Casting their minds back to a time when they were juggling numerous pursuits before ScreenCloud became what is it today. The sense that you are being pulled in all directions. It was only when they went "full steam ahead" with ScreenCloud, have a solid plan in place which helped them get through. Remembering how we got here will help guide us through all the uncertainty of 2020.

In the words of Mark, "Don't loose your head"- sterling advice!

Key takeaways? Stick with a realistic goal and long-term vision. Have a plan, but allow circumstances to help you evolve that plan. Leaders will naturally emerge in crisis. Bad things happen—it’s all about what you choose to do next. Above all, show gratitude, appreciate how far you’ve come from your initial starting point, and help your fellow humans when you can.   




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Angelica Sykes

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