ScreenCloud’s Response to COVID-19: Service, Customer Credit and Solutions for Remote Work

Here's what we're doing at ScreenCloud to support our customers and team during this troubling time. Including how you can help and join our journey on providing the tools companies need to communicate to their employees during social distancing measures.

Apr 22, 2020

In the video below we’re letting you know about ScreenCloud’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you prefer, you can also read the message below.

The world has changed. It’s unlikely it will be the same again following an event like COVID-19. While we are a business, behind the scenes we are a group of people, just like you. Our thoughts are firstly with our team, our customers and everyone affected by the virus.

We’ve spent a long time thinking about what this means for how we work, and how our customers work. The truth is, things have changed. Companies are having to react rapidly, either through business closure or to changes in how and where their teams work. There are four key ways we’re adjusting to this:

  1. Credit for existing customers who have been radically affected

If you’re a ScreenCloud customer that has had to shut down your premise for safety measures, let us know and we’ll credit your account. Please contact

  1. Full ScreenCloud service as normal

Like many, we’ve put measures in place to protect our team depending on where they’re located. In some cases, this means more of us working from home but as a distributed company anyway, we’re able to be fully operational whether we’re in the office or not. Our service will run as normal and we’re ready to help wherever possible. 

  1. Example health & safety content for your screens

We know that for those of you in industries like Manufacturing, where there simply isn’t an option to shut down unless directed by the government, your screens are more important than ever in keeping employees informed and safe. In the coming days we’re going to be sharing Google Slides and PowerPoint content from our People, Design & Content teams that contains health & safety notices for employees. We hope you’ll feel free to use or repurpose this content for your own screens if this is helpful.

  1. A new solution for connecting employees

From discussions with many customers it’s clear that a huge number of organizations are being forced to move to a work from home model, if they haven’t already, and this presents challenges. How do you keep employees connected to what’s going on? Particularly if they feel anxious by the social distancing measures in place. To this end, we’re working on a version of ScreenCloud that will let your employees connect with your company’s content in a way that feels intuitive and easy, from a home environment. Over the coming weeks, we'll be sharing more about our progress on this initiative.

Working towards a new normal

Our mission has always been to help workplaces to communicate the right information, more effectively. Screens seemed like the natural and currently, unused, medium to do this. They help to feed information to employees, or customers, away from oversaturated channels like meetings either in-person or via video conferencing, email or instant message. We always anticipated that this would move beyond communal areas, we just didn’t anticipate it would be this fast. 

We’re looking to react quickly and bring forward some of the long-term product ideas we had to solve this challenge. We’ve created a small team who are solely dedicated to working on this project. If this sounds like a challenge you’re trying to solve as well, we invite you to join us. On our Slack channel we’ll be inviting insight from customers, non-customers and anyone else, whether you’re another tech tool or just interested in these challenges too, to share ideas and collaborate with us on the best approach. Plus sharing Beta releases of the product we’re designing to help. 

To follow along with the project and get access to our free information templates and anything else we can provide in the way of help, head to

In the meantime, stay safe during this difficult time. 


ScreenCloud's Founders, David, Mark and Luke have worked together for more than 14 years. First running a digital product studio and later, launching and growing ScreenCloud.