Saying Goodbye to Our Content Superwoman, Beth Gladstone

How we bid farewell to our amazing, kind-hearted Head of Content, Beth Gladstone.

Jan 5, 2021

Life is like a train journey with many stations along the way. Some people complete the whole trip together, while others only spend a few stops with you. There are unexpected delays and setbacks. There are also delightful surprises and delirious excitement. And of course, there are always hellos and goodbyes. 

Beth Gladstone was one of the earliest passengers on the train called ScreenCloud. She was hopping on and off the train as a freelancer for a few years before becoming a full-time passenger in December 2018 to spearhead our content efforts. In 48 hours, she’s about to depart this train.

Were we sad to hear the news? You bet we were. Did we lament over Prosecco and IPA until our heads hurt? No doubt we did! Although moving on is a part of life, we somehow can’t seem to master the art of saying goodbye, especially to someone like Beth. 

Here’s why.

A content hero who doesn’t wear capes—just jeans and an unmatched passion

Beth lives and breathes content. She would eat it too if her diet allowed! She has owned the content function at ScreenCloud since the very beginning.

Anyone with experience in content marketing knows that success doesn’t happen overnight. Great content marketing requires a lot of hard work, commitment, and patience. It's a long-term game that not everyone is willing to play.

But Beth bravely marches forward.

Like fuel to fire, Beth's eager to tackle any new challenges head-on. She’s built an organic search machine from the ground up, bringing in nearly half of the new revenue each month to ScreenCloud. We typically have tens of thousands of new site visitors every month, thanks to her content marketing efforts. 

At a fast-paced startup like ScreenCloud, we admit that we sometimes take her work for granted, but deep down we know that we owe our success to Beth. In fact, a professional in the field (and a total stranger!) referred to Beth’s content strategy at ScreenCloud as a great example of how others can build a “link lattice” for product category SEO—check out his review.

Another of Beth's long-term visions for content at ScreenCloud is ScreenCloud University, a free online course for those who want to implement effective digital signage strategies. The course represents us not only as a software provider but also as an educator. We genuinely want to help our customers succeed. And we're committed to continuing and improving upon this legacy to make Beth proud.       

Our investors love Beth’s work

Point Nine Capital (P9) has twice asked us to give talks about how to do content marketing well and Beth has delivered both times. The sophistication in her work is obvious, and it’s helped put ScreenCloud in a great place for the future. It’s one thing to be known for championing content within your company, but Beth has done it so brilliantly that even our biggest investor can’t ignore. 

A leader, a mentor, a colleague, a friend that we're forever grateful to have

Hemingway once wrote: "If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.

For folks at ScreenCloud, especially us on the marketing team, knowing and working closely with Beth is an experience that will certainly stay with us. I know that the lessons I've learned from her kick-ass attitude, dedication, kindness, generosity, empathy, and transparency will stay with me and inspire me to become a better person, at work and in life. Always.  

Before we say our biggest goodbye and soak ourselves in sweet sadness over another round of drinks, before our train leaves the station and plunges into uncharted territories and crazy adventures beneath the sheltering sky, we want to wish Beth nothing but the best in the world. We know that whatever life throws at her, she'll turn it into something magnificent.   

Here's a tribute to you, Beth. With endless love and gratitude. 💛           

If you’ve been a fan of Beth’s work and want to follow her journey or you’re interested in creating great content, check out her website or listen to her podcast!