Podcast EP 46 - The Challenges of Communicating Effectively

Communication is easy when a startup is small. As a company expands, it becomes a lot harder to deliver relevant information to the right people. How do you tackle the challenges of communicating effectively as you grow and scale your business?

Emilee Tran
Apr 22, 2020

In the early days, internal communication is a walk in the park for startups. When your company’s only 10 or 15 people, everyone knows every detail of the business and can collaborate effectively to achieve a shared goal.

But what happens when a startup reaches 100 or 200 people and everyone is a specialist in their own department? There’s simply too much information to know everything. Do you err on the side of transparency and risk overloading people with irrelevant details? Or do you restrict communication and risk creating silos and duplicate work?

At this point it can seem like the magic of the early days is lost.

This transition is something Mark and David are currently wrestling with at ScreenCloud. In this episode, they talk openly about the challenge of communicating effectively in detail. While they may not have figured out a concrete solution for it yet, it’s definitely something scaling startups are, or will, grapple with. Feel free to join the conversation and share with them your thoughts on LinkedIn or by email.




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