Podcast EP 42 - What We Learned About People, Product & Performance - a 2019 Retrospective

In this episode, all three ScreenCloud founders reflect on what they learned in 2019, including performance, product-market fit, and people.

Emilee Tran
Apr 22, 2020

Coming to you from LA this week, all three founders catch up to share a 2019 retrospective on what we learned in a year where we doubled in revenue size and 2X the number of people in the company. On performance, why we created a “churn task force” to double down on this area, and the delicate balancing act of new revenue, churn and expansion. Why 2019 was largely “year of the build” as we ramped up to launch the new version of ScreenCloud. Plus learning that product-market fit is a continual process, as both your product and your customers mature. On the people side, senior hiring decisions that worked, and also didn’t, and the surprising ways this podcast has helped towards our recruitment efforts. Plus, some fun predictions from David, Luke and Mark for 2020.

Thank you to everyone who has tried ScreenCloud, worked for ScreenCloud or listened, shared and featured on Behind the Screens in 2019. Your support means a lot!




Show notes:

The video from our annual offsite ScreenCloud Together 2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dt_R3tpbz7s 

Find out about ScreenCloud: screencloud.com  

Connect with David Hart or Mark McDermott on LinkedIn, or Luke Hubbard on Twitter.

Get in touch: hello@screencloud.com