Podcast EP 41 - With Emma Hatto and Georgina Bale, Founders of Bower Talent

Emma Hatto and Georgina Bale, founders of recruitment agency Bower Talent, join Mark in today's episode to discuss the stereotyping of administrative support, 'the modern PA', and the impact of automation on support careers.

Emilee Tran
Apr 22, 2020

In today’s episode, Mark is joined by Georgina Bale and Emma Hatto, who started recruitment agency Bower Talent five years ago because, as EA’s themselves at the time, they were having bad experiences with existing recruiters. Their business has since branched out into a training platform and an on-demand virtual assistant business called ibLE that caters for smaller companies who don't yet need or can’t afford full-time support staff.

Georgina and Emma discuss who’s to blame for the still-existing stereotyping of administrative support. They also talk about the definition of ‘the modern PA’ and how automation in support roles is freeing up time for further training and development, which in turn can have a profound effect on a business and on support careers.




Show notes:

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Get in touch: hello@screencloud.com 

Emma and Georgina’s recruitment platform for support staff: Bower-talent.com

Don’t want to commit to a full-time hire? Get a virtual assistant by the hour here: Ible-it.com