5 Ways To Improve Company Meetings

Tips to improve meetings including how to organize them using apps and digital signage screens and how to engage the people attending them using content. We’d all like better meetings. With this quick-fire guide, you’ll make them inevitable.

Angelica Sykes
Jan 5, 2021

If there’s one thing we’d all like at work it’s better meetings, right? The “meeting” format can often make even the most exciting topic, boring. Especially when attendees are fixated on emails and smartphones. Then you have the classic meeting for the sake of meeting where no one really knows why they’re there, but you lose an hour or two anyway.

At ScreenCloud, we believe that with a little thought, we can solve many of the solutions that make meetings a time and energy drain.

1. Only invite relevant people

How many meetings have you been to that you probably didn’t need to be in? The horrible truth is that when people are forced to attend irrelevant meetings, they actually fail to show up. Sure, they might be there physically but mentally, they’re elsewhere.

Before a meeting ask yourself; does everyone on the list really need to be there? Often an app like Evernote or Wunderlist can be a great way of setting action points from the meeting, or sharing follow-up notes for anyone who doesn’t really need to attend, but who needs to be in the know.

You could also use the common TL;DR format, which is internet speak for "too long; didn't read", to summarize the important points of a meeting and share them after the event. This saves time for attendees who want to remember key points or actions but don’t want to spend another hour reading meeting notes.

The more meetings you can remove from someone’s diary and the easier you can make it for attendees and non attendees to digest information, the better.

2. Be clear about the agenda, and stick to it

5 Ways To Improve Company Meetings

Most meetings take far too long to get started. The reason? No clear agenda. Prior to any meeting, have a policy that the meeting agenda gets added to your digital signage screens or printed on a huge visual sheet where everyone can see it.

At ScreenCloud, we like to use whiteboards to make notes and work through points, which helps keep everyone on track of what we’re discussing and why.

Appoint a “chair” or leader of the meeting and make it their role to ensure that the meeting stays within the allocated time slot. You can change this up at each meeting to give everyone a turn and even add a gamification element where you reward the person at the end of the week who managed to keep all of their meetings on time.

3. Remove personal screens - use one big one

We’re all addicted to our personal devices. That makes it really difficult in a meeting to keep everyone in the conversation and not checking emails or social media on their own devices.

One way to ensure everyone stays on track is to ban personal devices from the meeting room. Think this could cause some backlash? Why not turn it into something fun, rather than a company policy, so that your team are more reticent to the idea. For example, you could have a policy of “no small screens” in your meeting rooms, and instead get everyone to come around one big screen to share information, almost like a digital campfire.

You could even implement some fun signage on the walls, or on your digital screen, like this fire safety notice Engage Web created for their social media-obsessed team.

With one big digital screen you can provide any information needed. Whether it’s the meeting agenda, social media feeds to help attendees relax between points or even a Slack feed from the office so they don’t miss out on what’s going on.

4. Make it easy to book meeting rooms

How many meetings start late because attendees can’t find the right room? Or because the room you thought you were in got booked or overtaken by another meeting? With our Meeting Room Scheduling Software, this is a thing of the past.

Using a tablet, iPad or any screen you like really, you can easily show which rooms are booked and when they’ll be free again. Need to book a meeting room for later? Either add an event to your Google Calendar or, scan the QR code on your phone and make the booking.

Meeting rooms are rarely used efficiently and the truth is, it’s because there hasn’t been a simple enough system for staff to take control of them. When you give your team a screen and an easy way to book the room in question, meetings become a whole lot easier, fun and professional.

5. Make the format fun

If you’ve had enough of boring meetings led by Powerpoint presentations then this one’s for you. Meetings today need to be agile and dynamic. Setting up slides weeks in advance is rarely the most engaging way of communicating with your attendees.

One way to make the format more fun is to help your attendees to visualize the information. Our Marketing Manager Sim is a huge advocate for the power of visualizing data and this is one of the reasons we have screens around the office at ScreenCloud showing everything from customer info to metrics dashboards.

Visualizing your meeting discussion points, whether that’s through diagrams, images or even a lively debate, help teams to do big picture thinking, allowing trends and patterns to become clearer.

Better meetings are within reach. All they need is a new way of thinking and a few well-placed digital signage screens to make them better. Make your colleagues happier. Set up your digital screens today and get access to our wealth of apps for free, including our Meeting Room Booking Software, at screen.cloud.  

Angelica Sykes

Content at ScreenCloud.